The Kaman Art Foundation in Rajasthan(INDIA) was conceptualized in 2006 and formally established a year later. Its objectives include:

  • To provide opportunities for artists and art activists in promoting their artworks and creative activities through exhibitions, workshops, forum and other related activities.

  • To cultivate the development of traditional as well as contemporary art and culture.

  • To promote an active cultural life in order to complement the economic, industrial and comercial aspects of the society.

  • Through communication with other countries, to act as a centre of reference providing advices for and about local art and culture.

  • To publish books, journals, catalogues and other printed materials related to art and culture as a means of documenting the progress of local art and culture.

  • To International cultural exchanges facilitate deeper and better understanding between people of different cultures. We aim to help break down barriers between cultures while maintaining and preserving the things that make them distinctively different.

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