Kaman Art foundation's aim is to identify, promote and celebrate the community's artistic and cultural identity and support community-based festivals, exchanges and events, as well as to bring to the community the art and culture of other communities in order to broaden their experiences and appreciation of the artist.

This not-for-profit space will provide for innovation unconstrained by commercial limitations; to afford artists from the region engaged in cutting edge, experimental work, an art centre. Along with providing a platform for traditional and contemporary artists, we hope to interact closely with, and encourage young writer, curators and critics, helping to give voice to their concerns.

By undermining geo-political divides, the objective of the Foundation is to foster a dialogue from within the Indian Sub-continent amongst various art practitioners, comprehensively enhancing the understanding of our shared history. A series of talks and lectures will be designed to accompany the exhibitions in an attempt to bridge the gap between art production and a wider audience. Supplementing this will be an education and outreach programme aimed at encouraging a culture where art does not remain cloistered, but becomes a matter of active discussion and debate.

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